Jing Tian is now in such an awkward situation. It's useless to enter the series of qiannu ghost. Think of their own money to let other men bubble their own horse, Wang stupid neck blue veins are pr Have this period of time, oneself can slow to pass a hand, comb slowly and firm oneself basic dish. "Master, if you don't want to eat, keep it for me. I want to eat it!" If they had noticed that there were no archers in the Spartan army, they would have come to hot spri Zhuang Zhou's heart was tense and his heart beat fast. He couldn't help asking again. The mysterious man's locked eyebrows slightly extended, "that is to say, they don't have sub So many samsara undead attacks, it is difficult to do any harm to him. "It's true! His expression is so arrogant that he doesn't pay any attention to us." However, in this scene, Ningyuan did not frown. But now, the crow's body is not so powerful. "That's because he can't do it himself." When he listened to Serena's words, his face could not help but show a surprised expression. "It seems that it's not easy to clean up this boy here. I have to wait for him to leave..." Dugu Although Qin Xiaoai said that Han Xiaoye had never been a bad man, Yue Chong still remained suspicio Ask her: "where's sister Jiaren? Isn't she with you?" It needs some ordinary people to devote their spiritual strength to them... " After recycling the jar, Lin found that the creator had a new word.

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