Su Yi's body is tight, so that the side is nervous looking at his body was taken away, suddenly "Sir, you are really a master of Huanchang who knows the truth and knows the meaning!" The old cannons on Manila's coastal Fort have been replaced. However, these new guns still can&# Although the dragon race and humans often kill each other, a giant dragon will take his opponent&#39 The 5th and 6th armies of the imperial cavalry were quickly formed. Although Tang Yu's strength has already reached the level of killing the strong in the later sta Two paper men were suspended, holding the pale faced jailer. "Arrest, kill, you make a lot of fun! OK, then I'll see where you can live in the six realms!" On earth, there are a few people who have the power to manipulate others, some of which use hypnosis "Hey guys, I can't help but fight the autumn wind." "Chen Jiu, you must not die. What can I do if you die..." Lu Jing proposes to go out for a walk together. Hearing her voice, Yan Sheng stopped crying. Before Raphael finished speaking, Murong Yueyan was angry and said: "what, the little monk is my bro "May you become a good emperor, praised by many generations of people, rather than a good emperor in "Damned human cub, even if you die, you will not be cheap!" "And you..." Jing Tian looked at the eldest son of the Xin family: "you are not forced by your broth I Yue Wufeng is a medium-term master at the prefecture level. I'm the existence of the top of th

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