Merlin took a deep breath and leaned slightly. "My name is Wilson Merlin, my dear Lord Didymos." Huo Yuhao thoughtfully said: "xuanlao, I don't think it's so simple." It's not only because these fragmentary and duanque are also taken out of the treasure house. Na "It turns out to be the perfect blood demon Yang blood vessel" All this is also from Xinfei chamber of Commerce. In an instant, all the gods had a little despair in their hearts. "Whatever, not the same, as long as there are all the people." Not finished, but by Tang Yue's mobile phone ring to interrupt. At the end of the "Lord of mud" attack... The entrance and exit of the sand sea space split again. If u times of damage is ignored, he is passive. Every three times his skill hits the enemy, he will Dudu villain, holding a small fishing rod, actually caught several shrimp. "Yes, after dialing the number, the phone bug on my side didn't respond." If it had been more than ten days ago, Yang Kai would not have left Lengshan alive, but it would hav Tang Yu looked at Feng Youqin in surprise and whispered, "don't you want to say anything else?" He glanced at Glock, which was still in Ferran's right hand, and said, "put the gun down, quick! Whether it's an old-fashioned musket or a new flint gun, at least it can be used to shoot people At the same time, under the influence of his mood changes, the demon insect mother and the green fla This time, Xu Zixuan's opponent was a young man of six levels, who came from the No.1 cloud Jian

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