As soon as the imperial edict was read out. After eating, Qingshui was shocked and changed, but it was very little. There seemed to be a lot of After that, the sleeve swung, and the sleeve turned into a cloud. With the violent vigorous Qi, it s But this mental micro control ability, or the control power of grabbing God's eyes, has never be Wild fox will put the photo inside the U disk, directly pull out the U disk. He has always been a headstrong and headstrong person who inherits the laws of the earth heaven pris After that, long Ao Tian closed the door and left in a hurry It seems that they are going to deliver some new weapons. The Phoenix Group is waiting at the edge o "Don't worry, I won't let you down." Although the current "customer" is not a master of Dan Yuan Jing, his intuition tells him that he wi However, this has not stopped. With the power of the heavenly way constantly refined by Ye Wei, ye W In the next moment, the void breaks open, the huge thunder Temple floats slowly, enters the space tu Both militarily and economically, they are already comparable to the superpowers such as the United Outside the city, those foreigners are also slightly uneasy, looking at the battlefield above, Ziche Since they were little, the immortal and Lin Ming have been locked in Lin Ming's and Lin Ming&#3 It is also a rare high score in the previous group finals! An Juncai and Qiu Haohe and others withdrew their gaze at the golden coffin, and they scattered into Moreover, Zhao Feng has two blood lines, which proves that the two blood lines will not conflict, an

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