A sword cast by fire appears in Mengqi's left hand. The fire rises and breaks the strange black At this time, Zhao Yufei and Nangong Sheng are relatively weak, and naturally they are not the oppon However, Luoli smiles bitterly. There are so many remnant souls of zinanda. How can he kill all of t Su Hao didn't pay any attention to him. He looked at the cold in a murderous manner. When people Hearing this, Li Hao frowned and said, "first of all, how long do you need the resonance device for Young master Yong used the blissful pestle to subdue demons. At this time, Jiao Bai's good friend Ma Yixiang and red fish rush into Jiaobai's cultivation Naturally, the local residents were shocked and puzzled, and their emplacements on the beach were wi To put it bluntly, it's affectation. However, it is in such a short time that the snake of chaos has determined the whereabouts and numbe Matsumoto's combat effectiveness, which was obtained from the bright emperor's suit, was so At this time, Yuan Pang came to long Aotian's side and couldn't help saying that he was prov "Elder martial brother, we can ask Shenjie to come over and lure him to come and die on his own init Now, Zheng Haoyu will fight Tu Qianzhang. In the eyes of his disciples, this is the first battle ahe Jingtian didn't stay on the boat of the straw hats. Soon, under the plague like eyes of the stra But after staying with Hu Hao for more than a year, he was very stable and learned a lot, At that time, the countries in the western regions, which had been trading with Xiliang for many yea Laurence spread out his hand and said, "if other people don't talk about the third level, the fo

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