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Winning Hetao will only lead to a tactical victory and a certain strategic advantage and vanguard. Xia Rulong will lose the elite image that he spent decades inside Morgan Stanley to create "going al Ng God is generally more powerful, the effect of bewitching is only able to make it appear momentary But for Tang Yu to admit defeat, they did not feel the slightest shame, on the contrary, they envied In this moment, he seemed to see a new world. Liu ran up and left the rest of the car. Yin xuege took out the colorful Bodhi branches, and he looked at it quietly for a while. He opened h Along with my cry, the speed of night shadow is suddenly raised, and at the same time, there is a fl Mo Zhitao shook his head and said, "no, what's the matter?" Yue Chongdong walks around hiding, but he doesn't know how to run to the granary. "Liaison officer, talk about the layout of the rebel forces." In fact, he is not a bloodthirsty person, and he has a good relationship with the Zhao family and hi "He... He, he, he, if he doesn't have one." However, song Lei mistakenly estimated their bearing capacity, especially underestimated the thickne Because ye Yiming believes that a hundred members of the Ye Ying team definitely have this strength! Yu Mingkang is a good one. If you are so direct, you can throw away the momentum that I just created Batu, who had been ordered by Qin Dong for a long time, of course wrote down the troublemakers. Now Yue Chong turned his lips. In fact, he had doubts at the beginning.

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